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Coherence Map 

Interactive tool showing the connections between and across the math Standards. NEW: See how the K-8 standards connect to HS standards.

Math Focus Documents 

Quick-reference, grade-by-grade documents showing which math topics require the most attention under the Standards


How to Choose and Use Worthwhile Math Tasks: A Q & A with Steve Leinwand and his fellow LearnZillion Dream Team Coaches

Great On-Line Mathematics /CCSSM Resources (an incomplete, ever expanding list from Steve Leinwand and Ericle Milou 8/14)

Colleagues – Here is link to an interesting article where  Jo Boaler makes a strong case for teaching number sense in the early grades and talks about the outcomes when facts are taught through memorization and timed tests.  The article and appendix include tasks and activities for classroom use.



Founded by Jo Boaler, youcube's main goal is "to inspire, educate and empower teachers of mathematics, transforming the latest research on math meaning into accessible and practical forms." 

Resource for Parents

Purpose of Parents as Partners resource:

Family involvement in learning is important. After all, you are your child's first teacher! You

are critical to your child's success in school. Studies show that when there is a high level of

parent involvement, students do better in school. No matter what your own experiences are with

math, you can be a positive influence on your child. Click on "Resource for Parents" for more information how parents can work with their children to develop a positive attitude for Mathematics.  Thanks to the Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics for allowing us to share this valuable resource.


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